Osama Bin Laden Endorses Barack Hussein Obama

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Osama Bin Laden Congratulates Obama Congratulates Obama:

Hill The Pill
Too late.

Obama today is Lenin tomorrow.

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Funny, from my daily news правда, I know Barack Obama, but I have never heard of this Barack Hussein Obama that the freedom-fighter, Osama, was talking about.

Is he the same man? Who would know these things?

Barack Hussein Obama will make the USSA respected in the world again. Now, He has the endorsement of one of the world's greatest freedom fighters. His Magnificence will subdue the Great Satan, who is George W Bush.

Hail the Obamessiah!!

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Fantastic endorsement from UBL PBUH, for the Obama PBUH.

Now, just because I found this amusing for the Day Before the World of Next Tuesday viewing....

Update 2011
The above video is no longer available. The Good Witch???? Hmmmmm, please to enjoy:

PUMA Never Give Up - Ever