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You got to hand it to our Islamo-Fascist Mercenaries, they are not only violent against the Great Anti-Marxist Satan (USA) and Christians in general, but they think/operate like most hardcore Atheists, with a special fixation on Media Propaganda. Hating FOX NEWS will endear Al Qaeda to any refined Progressive. Just when you thought that permanently dispatching 7th Century religious troglodytes would be as easy as retiring the Polish Officer Corps was in Stalin's days, these Arab speaking thugs can make the coldest among us warm up with affection. (Can it be that THEY and us Atheist Marxists are inspired by the same spirit???)

Anyway, to make the issue short and sweet, read the following Liиk, and see how our Minions discuss media matters.

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I denounce cross posting but the alternative is unthinkable. The people must not miss out on this piece of glorious wisdom that speaks of the similarities in people's phrasing. I believe it applies here also.

I asked Elizabeth Warren about the phrasing similarities and she assures me no single person is responsible. Her Native American heritage qualifies her to speak on great spiritual matters. The great spirit of progressivism speaks through all his followers. It is this glorious common spirit you hear and not the shallow utterances of mere men.

And who were more progressive than American Indians before dirty white men cheated and corrupted their pristine culture. They shared all things in common, were never sick, did not waste and did not want. This was before the days of automobiles and income tax deductions.

Perhaps if we would all attend the people's sweat lodge, we could reduce the heavy demand on people's lobotomies.


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