Muslim refugees join feminist movement in droves

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Eleven Muslim refugees are traveling along a European road. What is wrong with this picture?


HINT: All the seven men are young, strong, fit, and are wearing sneakers. The only woman in the picture is barefoot and is carrying two children, a bag, and is dragging a third child behind her. None of the men is helping her.

Apparently, that is korrekt progressive behavior because helping the woman would be patronizing and a sign of male chauvinist attitude. They are ready to join the feminist movement, where they can join efforts with other progressives and blame capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and white privilege for their suffering.

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And she still has to go back for all of the luggage...

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Some might argue she and the kids should be walking behind the guys. Otherwise, if she needs help with her kids, there are plenty of government programs where she's no doubt headed to assist her.

Maybe someone can give her the phone number or URL of a government agency that can help her. Or maybe someone can just give her a hug to let her know how much they care. I can't do it right now, because I'm stuck here waiting for the light to turn green so I can go into Starbucks and ambush the Florida governor for making me buy my own birth control, before going home to my parents' $450,000 McMansion to blog about it.

The important thing is I cared enough to make a post here.

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Commissarka Pinkie wrote:Some might argue she and the kids should be walking behind the guys.
The guys might be worried about landmines. Better to be safe.

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Ivan the Stakhanovets wrote:And she still has to go back for all of the luggage...

And she has go back and get the sheep. Because those 7 men are going to want some intimacy.

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You see? This would have been a perfect time for us to find a use for the term "Camel Kisser!"

Madame Blavatsky read my fin only yesterday and told me that I would have a long life, find love in an inter-species relationship, and that the term "Camel Kisser" would indeed find a useful place within the Cube lexicon.

As for explosive ordinance disposal, I believe that is what they use the children for, as they are replaceable. Women are for producing explosive ordinance disposal personnel... or for the deployment of such ordinance in the form of clothing.

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Cute Mammal-Fish speaks thruthiness,

"Camel Kisser!" will shortly become become useful term within Peoples's' Cube Lexicon (apologies... English apostrophe is confusing).

Also, Sister will shortly find love in inter-species relationship, but not with camel or sheep... I asked spirits three times and received messages that, "It is certain," "It is decidedly so," and, "Without a doubt."

I predicted it!
Madame Blavatksy

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Why isn't she doing the dishes while carrying those children? Such laziness...

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Tsk, tsk! Just LOOK at the trash they left behind in the field! Slob Central! Why,... it's,'s... scandalous! I am outraged!

(I wonder if they left any good beet shavings?)