Muslim Comrades View of G-Z Mosque: Right-Wing Hate-Job

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Comrades, as we bear witness to the horrible RACISM and ISLAMOPHOBIA being shoveled upon us progs, by the evil zionists and their right-wing minnions; we must stand strong for Islam! The Ground Zero 100 million dollar declaration of victory friendship mosque is a right; it's in the constitution. I hate it when right-wingers point out how our muslim friends are simply constructing this mosque for this very controvercy. Be damned that a tire from a plane that crashed into the WTC, went through the very roof of the building that once stood where their new, and very constitutional mosque, will be built. Simply immaterial information. But, I was very **concerned** for the feelings of our arab-muslim comrades in the middle east. Here is their take on the mosque and right-wing hate.....

Editorial, Arab News, Saudi Arabia, August 16, 2010:

Unfortunately there are people who think mosques are breeding grounds for terrorism. No matter what Muslims do or say and how much they condemn terrorism, they are still all guilty in the eyes of many. The anti-mosque people were probably anti-Muslim before 9/11.

This mosque to the paranoid few will not become an Al-Qaeda hotbed. It can serve as a benevolent haven for New York Muslims who have felt isolated, ostracized and dishonored ever since 9/11.

Aijaz Zaka Syed, opinion editor of the UAE daily Khaleej Times, writing in Egypt's Al Ahram Weekly:

The entire U.S. media and rightwing brigade are acting as if Muslims have invaded America and are building a monument to Osama Bin Laden at the site where the World Trade Center once stood.

So, you can see, they know hate when they see it. Of course they should speak of things like religious freedom. We all know how well respected other religions are in muslim dominated countries. It really is hypocritical of right-wingers isn't it? And finally....

In the Manhattan mosque initiative, America and Muslims have an opportunity to repair their long-frayed relations and build bridges for a shared future. The wounds inflicted by the US wars and policies in the Muslim world are deep, but gestures like these could make them less painful.

Yes, so you see right-wing HATE mongrels, just build the victory **friendship** mosque so some of our middle east comrades won't **feel** so bad about the U.S. hate-wars! Does the U.S. even have a soul?
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I am quite sick of these Muhammadan Muslim deceivers of mankind, these would-be conquerors and oppressors who anticipate their rise to hegemonic political domination over the so-called mushrikin…

The four Sunni madhaheb are clear on the status of kuffar under Shari'a (the apartheid status enshrined in al-dhimma and emphasized by "jizya ‘alaa l-jamaajim" meaning "penalty on skulls") and on the fard ala –al-kifaya (collective obligation) and mustahabb (recommended) status of Jihad al-talab wa'l-ibtida' (offensive jihad against the kafir harbi to ensure that tawhidu'l-ubudiyyah i.e. slavery to Allah alone prevails over the "fitnah" of all systems contrary to the Shari'a; jihad is considered the “pinnacle” of al-wala'a wa'l-bara'a i.e. loyalty and enmity).

As long as I live, I shall never submit -- lan astaslem!!!

Allaaaaahuuuu 'whackbah! This mumin-prole's concerns must be heeded, for he is verily telling the truth of Marx'Allah! May Islamo-Socialism prevail over ShirKKK and KKKufr everywhere and eternally!!!

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I've said it once and I'll say it again, just ax the Reich-Wingers.

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I'm for religious freedom as long as they don't put an offensive Cross anywhere.

Freedom must be restricted to be truly Freedom

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ThePeoplesComrade wrote:I'm for religious freedom as long as they don't put an offensive Cross anywhere.

Illahi Muhammadenulahu Looloolooolooloo!

Yes, idols of Perfidious KKKapitalist Disbelieving Infidelity may serve as a wicked seduction away from the rigors of the Marxislamic deenalectic towards KKKufr and ShirKKK and thus be a haughty oppression against the true blessed mumin-proles, so such images of falsehood and iniquity and disobedience must be destroyed in obeisance to the commands of Marx'Allah Almighty who reclines in all his majesty on his crescent-and-sickle-shaped toilet upstairs-and-a-little-higher-up!

Allabadabababa Shazzamachallahu!

Our Dear Leader will show the World the Truth of Islam and soon the USSA will bask in the love of Allah. He will repair the damage done to the World by Bush and Cheney.

He truly is the Messiah of Hope and Change!! ... re=related

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One thing is for sure, "brain dead media". . . but useful.