Memory Hole: Antifascists... against muslim headscarfs!

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A warning, comrades!

While idly reading I stumbled upon a blatant example of Thoughtcrime....

The following historical facts are no longer in alignment with the politically correct "anti-fascist" battle we are waging. All evidence must immediately be thrown in your local memory hole! I quote our comrades from WikiPedia:
At its second congress in the capital city of Sarajevo in 1947, the Women's Antifascist Front of Bosnia and Herzegovina started advocating the abandonment of the hijab (Serbo-Croatian: feredža) and niqāb (zar), stating in its resolution that this would lead to a "life without inequality and without enslavement of one person by another, a life in which there will be no darkness and backwardness".

The resolution having been adopted, a delegate from Travnik, Šemsa Kadić, demonstratively took off her veil. She was applauded by her fellow delegates and followed by other Muslim women.

For the next three years they organized rallies and meetings to encourage Bosnian Muslim women to abandon the veil. The enthusiastic members of the organization enlisted the support of male politicians as well as the approval of the grand mufti Ibrahim Fejić.

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The modern, korrektified, and most progressive women's movement is called Sharia-Compliant Feminists For Patriarchy. Male chauvinism is the new feminism!


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Captain Craptek wrote:
In the light of all recent deplorable pussy revelations and Trump's explicit, irredeemable heterosexualism, can we, Comrades, even imagine such courtoisie (see above, the Unforgettable Press Princess of White House) coming from that despicable, orange-tinted, grabby kkkapitalistic worm who is trying to bamboozle our Progressive Kollektive into voting him, that disgusting populist with his deranged overcomb, to settle his fat keister on the Throne which forever belongs to our Beloved Empress?