Louvre Museum in Paris Opens Islamic Art Wing

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Image Under the reign of our Glorious Leader NASA celebrates the superior and wondrous contributions of muslims to science, math and engineering; the Fearless French have spent 100 million euros to devote a new wing at its Louve Museum to Islamic art, to showcase "the radiant face of a civilization"; BUT, where are the Brits?! It is only FAIR that they contribute something to this kollectiv behind-kissing! The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Opera and Royal Ballet Company should immediately change their programs and join in the celebration of this radiant face of a civilization"
Image Gee, I hope that new wing is fire & bombproof. Some of those people have made an "art" of blowing things up.

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French President Francois Hollande, at centre, attends the opening of the Louvre's new Islamic arts wing in Paris on Tuesday.

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If the French Know What's Good For Them™ . they better throw out all that other junk and transform the whole place into the "Islamic Wing." Just sayin'

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All that is old is new!

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Centers for Disease Control wrote: What's wrong with this picture?

That's easy... the person who created it is not riddled with bullet holes.... yet.