Life Imitates Cube: Cardboard Cutouts of Khomeini in Iran

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Our International Front for the Liberation of Media Whores has just gotten bigger! Flat Gareth the Romantic, Flat Fatima the Victim, Flat Floozy the Bush Hater, Flat Louie the Looter, Flat Freddy the Union Protester, Flat FLOTUS the Shovel Wielder - welcome the new member: Homey Khomeini!

Curiously enough, the first and the biggest assembly of the Cardboard Media Whore Cutouts happened when they all got together to greet Iranian president Ahmadinejad during his appearance at Columbia University in New York. This is probably where the Iranian government got the idea. After all, they did steal from the People's Cube in the past.

Cardboard Cutouts of Khomeini Mocked Online

To celebrate last week's 33rd anniversary of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's triumphant return from exile, Iran re-enacted his arrival at a Tehran airport, using a cardboard cutout to stand in for the late Iranian leader.

Photographs of the ceremony published on Tuesday by Iran's semiofficial Mehr news agency seemed to lend themselves to parody, with Farsi and English Internet satirists treating them as bizarre authoritarian kitsch.


Read the rest here. And check out excellent Cube-like Photoshops at

Here are just a few:

Cardboard Khomeini witnesses The Kiss

Cardboard Khomeini at Kim Jong Il's funeral

Cardboard Khomeini Abbey Road album cover

And so on...

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Cool! This is like Che-Spotting, only with Khomeini.

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A comment on our Facebook page regarding Khomeini's cutouts:

"They're called targets."