Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Bites The Big Apple, Again.

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The Obama and Holder Circus presents, The Greatest Show Trial on Earth. Featuring Ringmaster Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. A first ever event, enemy Combatants in civilian courts. The outcome is uncertain. Will the Progressives succeed and weaken America's defenses, damage the CIA, and finally once and for all destroy Bush/Cheney, or will the Obama administration suffer such a blow that a second term is unattainable? Regardless what the AG says, America is the one on trial.

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Here's my quick take on the music score for the show:

Being For The Benefit Of Mr Zero

For the benefit of Mr. Zero
There will be a show trial at Ground Zero
The ACLU will all be there
Fresh from GITMO torture trips - what a fraud!
Over men and women, cops and firemen
Lastly through a loophole of bogus rights!
In this way Mr. Zero will change the world!

The celebrated Mr. Zero
Performs his feat with left-wing kooks on Blogosphere
The media will dance and sing
As KSM flies through the loopholes. Ding-a-ling!
Messrs. O. and H. assure the truthers*
That Bush and Cheney will be sentenced to death.
And of course George The Soros dances the waltz!

The jury selection begins at six.
When the ACLU performs its tricks without a sound.
And OBL will demonstrate
The fireworks he'll undertake; they will be loud.
Al Qaeda's been some days in preparation.
Bombs and shrapnel's guaranteed for all.
And the damn Uncle Sam is footing the bill.

*Mr. H = Eric Holder


This is a work in progress, so feel free to add/change the words.

BTW, the expression "a work in progress" strikes me as a fitting name for a prog website. Everything they do is "a work in progress" on so many levels...

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Comrade Red Square,
You have excellent musical ability. I will begin work immediately and
transpose the music of Andrew Loyd Weber "Mr. Mistophiles" from the play
Cats. This will sound very nice with balailaka and slut-puppy comrade Bruno
performing tenor vocals. Can he be added to poster to help his career?

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Another exceptionally equal work, Superkommissar!

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Great poster Superkommissar Maksim.
Of course America is on trial and Bush/Cheney? It's common knowledge that they are all guilty of crimes not only against Islam, but all the oppressed People of the World. This is a no brain-er.