Join Our Saudi Comrades: Ban Capitalist Speech in Canada!

I have very good news comrades:

Thanks to our poor working-class proletarian comrades in the Saudi Royal Family, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has successfully banned a Canadian Youtube commercial from appearing on major Canadian networks.

Finally, King Fart and the House of Flatulence of the beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -- the progenitors of our heroic Saudi martyr Osama Bin Laden -- have succeeded in banning a commercial that promotes Canada's dirty capitalist oil over our holy Saudi oil. Here's the banned Canadian commercial, comrades, if you can bear to dirty your senses with it:

Thanks be to Allah, for helping us to further the dictatorship of the Saudi proletariat in Canada! Ban dirty capitalist commercials in Canada -- support the memory of our humble Saudi billionaire comrade, Osama "El Ché" Bin Laden! Support Sharia! Remember to beat your wives regularly! And pray to Allah and his prophet -- El Ché -- for victory!

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Top Secret:
2 + 2 = 5

An alleged rumor might have been overheard by way of hearsay according to one of my covert operatives. This will be quite vague to those who do not have the decoder ring so I'll explain:

Destroy the system, collapse it, deplete the greedy population. All the while laying claim to all hydrocarbons within reach for ourselves. Adolf, looking up from the depths of hell, is proud no doubt.

World Domination is the goal, even if there is no one left.
Remember, The Fish of Babel once said, "Доминирование мира цель, даже если никто вышли."

Memorize this document and destroy it.

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[img]images/clipart/Prog_On.gif[/img] Well, seeing as how I don't get invited to DNC fundraisers very often, this video is the next best thing. What a wonderful way to start the weekend ! My heart fills with a desire to see all the world harnessed in blessed conformity to the State. :)

" Taxes are fees " " Waste is investment " " Leadership is chaos."

It doesn't get any better than this, does it comrades ?

Four more years !

Image Update: Saudi advertisement in Canada. The non-government organization defiantly incites freedom from dependence on oil from our fellow proletarian dictators such as the Saudis and other members of OPEC such as dear leader Colonel Hugo Chavez. Ethical oil must be stopped – freedom from State oil monopolies = slavery to individualism.


[/b]Our covert operatives have discovered who is behind this capitalist free-speech conspiracy: a Russian-Canadian Jew,Ezra Levant. These conspirators are getting bolder, comrades, and they are doing the unthinkable: giving women everywhere the same rights as men. El Ché and der Führer are rolling around in their graves confused whilst attempting to hump the same camel! And according to our intelligence, the holy progeny of Saudi polygamy -- Obama bin Duped Osama bin Ladin -- is flatulently flabbergast: fart-like bubbles have been observed bursting from the depths of Davy Jones's locker on the Arabian Sea. Worse yet, climate scientists have detected green diarrhea in the chem. trails spewing from Al Gore's Saudi-fuelled jet.

If thought criminals vacillate then by authority of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti they must recognize the treacherous foreign propaganda or face voluntary re-education:[/color][/b] [/color]

Saudi threats a SLAPP in the face

By Ezra Levant on September 25, 2011 7:15 AM | Permalink | [url=javascript:void(0);]Comments[/url]

My Sept. 24, 2011 Sun column:
Saudi threats a SLAPP in the faceBlocking Canadian-made ad brings a taste of Saudi Arabian censorship to Canada

It's been a week since the Saudi fatwa against CTV became public and nothing has been done.

Of course, Saudi Arabia didn't actually issue a fatwa, like their fellow jihadis in Iran did when they condemned author Salman Rushdie to death in 1989 for writing a book they didn't like.

The Saudis are so much more sophisticated than that. They hired Norton Rose, one of the world's largest law firms, with 2,600 lawyers at their disposal. And instead of being driven mad by a novelist, the desert sheiks are braying about a 30-second TV ad by the Canadian NGO called , a group with whom I'm a volunteer. produced the low-budget ad that says what everybody already knows: Saudi Arabian princes treat women in that society worse than they treat camels. That's not a joke. Women aren't allowed to drive, they're not allowed to vote, their testimony in court is worth half that of a man's. But at least the Saudis don't force their camels to go out in the desert heat wearing a burka body bag.

Of course the Saudis don't like that ad. The truth hurts. And the ad will never air in Saudi Arabia because they don't have a free press there.

But that's where Norton Rose's 2,600 lawyers come in. They're trying to bring a taste of that Saudi censorship to Canada.

Norton Rose threatened CTV, demanding it not run the ad. And CTV obeyed.

Was it because CTV just didn't want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending a nuisance suit against a foreign dictatorship with more money than morals? Probably.

But CTV is also owned by Bell Canada, which has done an enormous amount of work in Saudi Arabia, building their telephone infrastructure. Did the Saudi sheiks pressure Bell Canada to shut up their CTV television station? I asked CTV's spokesman and he wrote back to me. He didn't confirm it — but he didn't deny it, either.

This is bigger than a legal quarrel. It's not really a legal quarrel at all. It's one step away from outright blackmail. It's what our Canadian courts call a "SLAPP" lawsuit — strategic litigation against public participation. It's not a real suit. It's abusing the courts as a weapon.

It's lawfare. It's prosecuting the jihad — with lawyers, not suicide bombers.

CTV should have stood firm. It should have told the Saudis to go pound sand. It should have realized freedom of the press is its corporate life blood, and even to spend $250,000 to fend off a lawsuit — a lawsuit the Saudis would never really have gone through with, for fear of public and diplomatic backlash — is a small price to pay for freedom.

I don't accept CTV's capitulation, but I understand it. It's a hostage here. And it needs to be rescued by someone bigger than a law firm. It needs Prime Minister Stephen Harper's help. CTV is being attacked by a foreign country. It needs our sovereign head of government to fight back — and I say this as a competitor to CTV.

Former cabinet minister Stockwell Day says there is no precedent for this kind of interference by a foreign power into Canada's media.

Even during the Cold War, the Soviet Union did not hire lawyers to threaten Canadian media that criticized its totalitarian regime.

Put another way: Imagine the national outrage if the United States started threatening TV stations that said anti-American things.

This isn't a legal matter. And it's not even about the oilsands, or about women's rights in Saudi Arabia. That's what it should have been about, had the ad aired.

But when a foreign dictatorship decided to destroy Canadian free speech, it became a matter of national security, counter-intelligence and national sovereignty.

The prime minister must summon the Saudi ambassador and tell him to call off Norton Rose and have them issue an apology to CTV.

If he doesn't — send him packing back to his desert.


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I watched the commercial and was completely horrified !

However, We must denounce ourselves

-you for showing it and
-me for watching it

This is tough, indeed.

But this is the price we must pay for our Progressive Utopia