Israel kidnaps and tortures daughter of Hamas Official

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Of course that isn't how the pesky Juice are spinning it. Noooo.... They would have you believe that a Palestinian doctor botched a surgery, and when the King of Jordan requested Israel allow the 3 year old oppressed victim of Israeli aggression into Israel for surgery, that they agreed, sent a team of doctors to stabilize the girl, and then sent a fighter escort to ensure safe passage of a Jordanian military helicopter carrying the little girl.

They would then have you believe that this victim was given a proper surgery and returned in good health to her Hamas father.Which we all know is more Israeli-Yankee Imperialistic LIES!They clearly kidnapped the girl, tortured her, and then only returned her upon threat of a massive and righteous Jihad that would sweep the scum of Israel off the map.

Lets face it. Who are you going to believe? The Israelis? Or the Ghost of Rachel Corrie?

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Of course we believe Comrade Corrie's ghost. Here in Olympia Collective, her word is golden, and we have many who seek to further Hamas' noble aims.

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Seems the Juice have sunk to new lows. Cutting open a little defenseless girl's chest and calling it compassion?

Excuse me while I get rid of my breakfast.

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Rachel Corrie deserves the Order of Lenin for demonstrating to the Collective the proper way to post a linked story. The People's Director will be greatly pleased.

As for those dirty Juice, I bet they pumped her full of Juice blood before sending her back home. They have defiled a good mooslim woman and denied her entry into paradise to collect her 1/72 share of a husband.

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My Obama Rachel! That link to Bare Naked Islam is most offensive. As Chairman of the recently formed Council of ISLAM (International Socialist Leaders And Mullahs) I must protest. What if a child were to see such a thing. Think of the Children Rachel.