Iranian ATMs

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These pictures were emailed to us by our Iranian comrades.

Since money is the root of all evil and ATMs are a tool of capitalist consumption, the Iranian government has found a way to keep consumerism at bay while preserving the image of a developed nation.



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What we have here is a running chain dog of capitalism. He probably thinks of himself as a "rugged individual".
Hasn't he ever heard of the "Comrade System"? If he had a comrade, all he needed to do was get on his/her/it's shoulders.
It was designed that way to build character, teamwork and strength. It's very progressive!

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I'm glad the benevolent Iranian government has found *creative* ways of limiting consumerism and will write a friendly letter praising the government for sticking it to The Man. The last thing we need right now is people over there becoming complacent with decadent trinkets and other assorted evils.

In light of this, I heard that the ATMs in Venezuela are usually found on the second story outside of the building. Whether they work or not is still unknown but supposedly they're made from recycled People's cardboard (green is in!!).

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Hasn't he ever heard of the "Comrade System"?

I'm sure if he has spent his free time watching the progressive "Brokeback Mountain", he would have learned the true use of the "Comrade System".

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The Iranian National Bank - "Keeping you from your money, today! So we can fund suicide bombers in Iraq, tomorrow.."


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Update 2011
The Bank of Islam has installed some additional equipment for Night Deposits:

At least you longer need a ladder to make a deposit.

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I remember when we installed an ATM outside Party HQ so proles could deposit their Welfare checks. Some of the gulag gals were so excited they couldn't contain themselves.


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"Frightened by the onrushing freight train of blatant capitalism represented by the ATM, Ludmilla involutarily voided her bladder."

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I denounce Whoopie if nothing else on sheer principle. You too Comrade Brain in a Jar.

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It's a good thing we're here in this old post. I don't think the Gulag Gals will ever catch this.

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You misinterpret this most benign move. Their leaders have seen photos of Carnival from Rio. These leaders have observed the joy that appears to be engendered by walking on tall stilts.

They want all their citizens to be that happy and are encouraging them to walk on tall stilts. It is as simple as that!

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Hopefully, Comrade Chairman Punchenko will see this and be inspired to get off of his lazy ass and get back to Party business!!