Iran Releases Plans for Manned Spacecraft

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A story in Universe Today reveals the amazing truth of Iran's plan to enter the space race in earnest.

“After Iran launched a monkey in a suborbital rocket earlier this year, they are now setting their sights on sending humans to orbit, according to the Iranian news agency ISNA. The news release says researchers at the University of Haj Nasir “have designed and built a manned spacecraft,” but only images of basic designs were released. The spacecraft appears to be a classic capsule design, and is capable of carrying “one to three people to lower orbits...”

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Guardian Jurist of Iran, and Leader of the Revolution, is the highest ranking political and religious authority in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ali Khamenei, Iran's current Supreme Leader, has announced through the Iranian space agency that he intends to launch a new spacecraft in 2016.

This latest venture into space follows the wildly successful launch of a monkey in a sub-orbital flight earlier this year. The monkey - reportedly nick-named شجيرة , or Bush - not only survived the journey to over 12,000 feet above the desert floor, but later participated as the main course in a banquet held for the space launch team.

“The Israeli news site Hayadan reports that Tal Inbar, head of the Space and UAV Research Center at Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies in Israel, says that no technical data was released from Iran on the new spacecraft designs, nor have they provided information about the launch vehicle required to send the capsule to space.” However, this reporter was supplied with several photographs of the propulsion system and flight plan considered for the launch.

Rumors are circulating among diplomats that the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, will not only volunteer personally for the historic space flight, but could be considering an unprecedented invitation to our own Dear Leader to join him in his adventure. It is speculated by some that the two Holy Men could remain in orbit high above the Earth throughout eternity - and what a glorious moment for mankind that would be.


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Comrade Squirrel,

This reminds me a little bit of Dear Leader during his formative years.


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Allahspeed, brave Muslimnauts.[attachment=0]rocket.jpg[/attachment]

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... and the launch is successful![attachment=0]isrealsign.jpg[/attachment]

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The Iranians are launching the entire presidential palace into orbit? They are more ambitious than I thought!

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Comrade Ivan,

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I understand that they are planning to launch the entire country of Iran into low Earth orbit soon after completing their "Plutonium for Peace" project.