Iran finds Nuclear Weapons storage underground

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WASHINGTON- Iran today is a nuclear power due to finding already made nuclear weapons in a storage in the mountains just like their enriched uranium. They say the weapons did not break any rules due to Iran finding and not making them. We all know it is true since the UN approved Iranian inspectors said so. The UN never makes a mistake that led to war. We interviewed one of the inspectors.

"It must have been there since 1965 and look really new," said Iranian Nuclear Inspector Mohamed Behrouz.

It seems technology was very advance for Iran even United States was behind in technology in those days. It is sad they could not build these weapons today because of sanctions and other obstacles.

"Iran was so benevolent to lend some of the technology to the US. What do they give in return? Sanctions! Why do they spite us after all these years? We gave their people hotel rooms and the honor of marching in our parades," Mohamed Behrouz yelled at the top of his lungs as a custom of Iranian respect to noncitizens.

It is capitalistic sympathisers who run a muck on the international community. Down with capitalism, up with communism! Liberate the people!

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Yellow cake? Ah, I found it while I was humping walking my camel. It's true - really!

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