Help Muslim Brotherhood to Come Up With A New Slogan!

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International solidarity demands action on our part! Muslim Brotherhood is our strongest ally in the fight against capitalism, imperialism, and neocolonialism! And they just happened to lose their old slogan. We must help them adopt a new one, which will subliminally lead them under the umbrella of the international Marxism!

Reuters wrote:Egypt's generals ban religious slogans in vote, Muslim Brotherhood mulls its motto

Egypt's ruling military council has amended election rules to ban the use of religious slogans, a move the Muslim Brotherhood said Sunday may prompt it to reconsider using its traditional campaign phrase “Islam is the solution.” The Brotherhood was banned under the ousted President Hosni Mubarak but ran candidates as “independents,” who could be identified on posters by the Islamist group's well-known slogan.
This most obvious proposal for a new slogan is based on our recent success in occupying Wall Street:


This is the opportunity of a lifetime! The Jihadist movement is nothing but a religious and cultural manifestation of the struggle of oppressed minorities in Third World countries against white imperialists, reactionary Christians, and Zionist colonialists. Islamism's professed disdain for the Western lifestyle, its intolerance towards the bourgeois morals are of vital importance for the international class struggle and have our full-hearted support and cooperation. We will be able to sort our philosophical differences after the Western civilization collapses. We think.

Educate yourselves on this issue further at the People's Glossary: ISLAM

To the shovels, comrades!

Image Too bad no one will consider these very appropriate posters from our archives...


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"Centuries of Patriarchal empowerment"
"Keep Women in their place!"
"What's wrong with a 6th Century lifestyle?"
"Sharia or die"
"Keeping the faith"
"We are the ones Israel has been waiting for"
"Fundamentalists for Change"
"No, really. We aren't fanatics."
"Live Free and Die"
"Out of the frying pan"
"Undoing centuries of secular progress"
"Don't make us blow you up"

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Our comrades on Facebookhave been active too! Here's a couple:

"Silence! I keel you!"
"We'll always have Tora Bora"

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"The Muslim Brotherhood. What's the worst that can happen?"
"All we are saying is give Jihad a chance"
"Vote for us, or a kitten dies"
"If you don't vote for us, Israel wins"
"Primitive unchanging superstition FTW"

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Well, comrades, if "Islam is the solution" is not the answer, the only acceptable answer would be "Killing those that do not believe Islam is the answer, is the answer"
Will the Peoples printing press be able to fit that on a bumper sticker or campaign button?

Raum Emmanual Goldstein
If I may...

As the good folks in the Middle East do not really concern themselves with copyrights, may I suggest:


الأمل والتغيير

It sort of just rolls off the tongue, does it not?

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Seems I've heard that one before...and I think it worked ONCE.

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A (Tic-Tic) Tickin' in Every Tot...
A Garage in Every Car.