Gramsci's Marxist prediction: Islam would crumble by 1980s

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I received an interesting email today regarding our People's Glossary definition of Islam in Gramscian terms. We described Islam as follows:


Today's most progressive, politically correct religion of choice. Its popularity with the Western liberals following the attacks on America has caused the cultural elites to give up Buddhism, Daoism, Paganism, and other progressive cults in favor of Islam. Following Gramsci's teaching, we are currently working on helping the world's Muslim populations to accept our definition of them as an oppressed minority under the umbrella of international Marxism. There currently are about 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, many of whom pray daily for the destruction of Jews and Israel. It is mandatory, therefore, for all progressive organizations to display a fervent support for the Palestinian struggle, its goals, and methods, and to denounce Zionism as the greatest evil, likening the Jews to the Nazis. The opportunity to recruit 1.2 billion Muslim supporters is just too good to let go; if that means watching a few million Jews being pushed into the sea and drown, we say it's all for The Greater Good™.

In its condensed form, the email stated the following:

Gramsci predicted Islam would collapse within a few years of being freed from the colonial rule of Britain and France, because Islam was a product of the agricultural system of production. The point is once Egypt, Algeria, etc., became independent, they would become industrialized, and everyone's workaday behavior would first soften, then rinse out Islam. Gramsci expected Islam to be less relevant than stamp collecting is now, to the populations of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, etc. by 1980 or so.


A quick Google search on this produced no results. Of course, Marxists aren't known for parading their copious erroneous predictions. But if this is confirmed, it'll be another spectacular proof of the delusional nature of Marxist "science," especially given Gramsci's prominent position in modern-day Marxist pantheon.

Marxists have mastered the art of raising hell, but to what end? None of their plans to reorganize the society have worked as predicted. Could it be that they, like Gramsci, are delusional about the inner workings of human cultures?

If someone can find a good reference to Gramsci's predictions regarding Islam, please post it here or send me an email to [url=mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url].

My search, however, resulted in this glorious discovery.


A monument to Gramsci under construction in 2013 at a housing complex in the Bronx.

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Comrade Square, seeing as how Marxism solves all world problems , Islam is unnecessary except as something to beat Christians with. While KGB will tell you that large sticks are fine to that end, inbred simpletons shouting repetitive screeds ad nauseam can nullify any spirituality. For example, my attempt to achieve a higher cognitive state through purified vodka was inhibited by bride shouting something about laundry and soap bubbles. She does not seem to accept glorious party leadership when that leadership will not help with mopping!Help me Comrades!!

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Read the entry about Gramsci in Wikipedia. He is Albanian. Another Albanian glory. Gramsci is what Albanians have to offer to mankind in exchange for Einstein, Curie, Gauss, Nietzsche, Darwin, Mozart, Lavoisier.

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Gramsci's legacy is yet another example that Marxism is one enormously warped and expanded conspiracy theory, about how the top 1% deliberately invented religion, culture, warfare, and the economy in order to oppress and exploit the 99%.

This view legitimizes their own, real conspiracies to fracture, divide, sabotage, infiltrate, collapse, brainwash, conquer, exploit, and impose their own hegemony on the unsuspecting 99%.

Living in the USSR, I never imagined there would be Americans falling for this idea. But there you go...

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Image "the Second Inter-imperialist War (WWII)".... SERIOUSLY????? You can't even call it the Great Patriotic War? You forget that your previously generous benefactors (doesn't capitalism suck) fought that war.

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Comrade Leader,

Your "tongue in cheek" Prog-Off comments will serve nicely to mislead the reactionaries. But your followers here at TPC know better. Buck up comrade! I've attached a earlier photo that should lighten your spirits. Yes, it's none other than our own Comrade Putout rallying the troops for a march on City Hall.

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