France to continuously export weapons to the Middle East

It's that time of year again, Komrades-In-Arms™! Kommisars are exchanging secret documents gifts and your local beet-affiliate is happily giving away distributing food to the people abroad.

France is, as always, helping our Friends In The East™ by sending weapons to further their 100% equal cause.

Remember! If you stop to question why we are doing these things, report immediately to your Local Re-Education Officer™ immediately! If you haven't heard, our Friends in the East™ have sent a warm gift straight to Paris last Friday. May they all be warm in our hearts for being so equal!

In unrelated news, several deaths disappearances have been reported in the same area at the same day. What a coincidence!

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As proven in many experiments, the weapon always returns.

Yes, but I do not think they were shipping boomerangs. Wait..

Oooh, you mean fruit loops. Those things always come back to you no matter what.

Wait, that doesn't make any sense either. I'm confused.



Tovarische, may you be given lots of equal change for this glorious picture.