Fireworks over Saudi Arabia

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Today marks the seventy third day when Saudi Arabia joined the festivities of Yemen. This time rockets were fired in celebration today. It was delayed to a Saturday due to the seventieth day is on a hump day and people have work on that day.

There is a huge party ranging from a ship parade from Iran to Saudi Arabian flybys. The excitement has not slowed down for our comrades in the Mideast. Our Dear Leader wants to make it bigger, a finale as you can say. He is working with Iran to make this happen. The problem is a simple delay due to Ketchup Kerry being a bit homesick after eating much cheese and wine. Do not worry since he will get back after he bikes around the DC.

What would you do? You should keep on tending the beets. Your government will tell you when to have festivities, and you should not worry about such activites at all.

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Ah yes, that will be a finale none can compare!