Earth to Iran: send your messages of support

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Image My pro-American Iranian friends who run Planet Iranwebsite have created a new campaign, Earth to Iran : send your messages of support & camaraderie to the people of Iran + (text, videos & photos).

Planet Iran wrote:Our new section called “Earth to Iran” has been launched. Planet Iran calls on everyone around the world to videotape themselves (or record an audio with a video montage if you prefer) with a brief message of support and camaraderie to the people of Iran.

In these hours and months where patriots inside Iran continue to protest against the unelected tyrants of a tyrannical regime, few governments have offered even a shred of hope to our heroic citizens. Iranians young and old daily put their lives on the line in their determination to create a genuinely democratic government: one person/one vote, and accountable.

We will compile your videos and messages on our site's YouTube Channel. Please either upload your messages on YouTube and send us the link or else send us your video to our editor's attention at [email protected]; we will add our logo to your video and upload it. sx

If everyone who reads this sends an encouraging word, then the simple force of humanity can reassure and inspire the brave people inside Iran and help give birth to a free nation. Hands across the globe, we can win.

Thank you warmly.

The Editors of Planet Iran

They've already posted a few messages, videos, and photos from around the world - common people and celebrities alike. It starts with, of all people, Joan Baez, who sings "We Shall Overcome" in Farsi (whatever works). There are others.

If you'd like to encourge the pro-democracy protesters in Iran, say something! Post it on YouTube, your own blog, and/or send it to [email protected].

That concludes the PROG-OFF transmission.

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The World is populated by people, not ideology's. The commonality of humans is often overlooked. Please to enjoy a slide show of Iranians before Khomeini and the enforcement of the absolute Laws of Islam (Sharia): ... re=related