Earth Hour: An Hour of North Korean-Style Conservation

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It's getting closer Comrades!

Down With The Grid!

In a wonderfully symbolic gesture of stupidity, UPMC Health Systems here in Pittsburgh will shut off their sign on top of the US Steel Building.
It will waste more energy and cost more money to fire it back up after "Urf Ower".

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As if passage of Healthcare "reform" a few days ago wasn't enough to signal LIGHTS OUT for America, we now have Earth Hour 2010 tonight starting at 8:30 pm sharp!

* Do your part to Make A Difference™ and turn off all your lights for one glorious hour to spread the message of the evils of electricity!
* Raise Awareness™ in your community that the only way forward is to take a leap backwards by sitting in the dark!
* Feel solidarity with your Amish Comrades!

As a public service, the electric companies have been ordered to route their circuits to electronic voting machines, so every time you flip a light switch OFF you are automatically casting a vote for a Democrat in your local district! So vote early and vote often!

And remember comrades, voluntary participation in Earth Hour 2010 is mandatory!

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My Energy RedStar gasoline powered alarm clock ran out of petrol...

Damn You George W. Bush!

Wait, I still got twenty minutes...phew.
Thank goodness for the most progressive of clocks. The Moonbat Dial.

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I've been planning this for years with my clock that plays one of Comrade Hitler's favorite songs. I just need to place it out in the sun for 12 hours a day so that it will glow at night.

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Leninka, you can't fault Hitler's taste in music. Wagner, Bach, Handel...I couldn't live without those guys.

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Great Glorious Gaia!

Comrades, we have been so busy with such earth-shattering important issues like filling out our basketball brackets, kicking soccer balls with kids, and shooting the bull about bullies that all of us, even the MSM, seem to have forgotten that EARTH HOUR 2011 IS TONIGHT!

Tonight at 8:30, turn off all your lights. You may continue to watch TV, tap on your computer, and make milk shakes with your blender.

Instead of light bulbs, light a candle to raise awareness of the dangers to our planet caused by the endless burning of fuels that emit smoke into the atmosphere, sucking up oxygen while catapulting carbon dioxide to stratospherically toxic levels, all the while polluting our air and destroying famous landmarks with sooty black stuff that's really hard and very expensive to remove.

And while you're whipping up that milk shake by candlelight, don't forget to think about whatever is going on over in Japan!

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I suppose all of you think I'm going to celebrate earth hour by turning on every electrical whizbang in the house. Well, you're wrong. You see, I do believe we live in a beautifully interconnected web of life that is rather fragile. That fragile web of life is called the industrial economy. I'm spending the day reading one of my favorite books: The Power Makers by Maury Klein; all about the painstaking discovery of steam power and electricity. Without those discoveries we would not even be alive, you and I. You can bet on it. Your parents wouldn't have been alive. Others can pretend. I refuse. I am a refusenik. The Left has done great harm to the real actual fragile web of life and environment that gives us life and sustains us. Because of what they've done to the economy over the last several generations they've stopped the dynamo that was working so hard and so well. We live in a stilted stunted world compared to what could have been built the last hundred years. I am in awe of what can be accomplished even when our money has been flushed down the toilet and innovation so encumbered. And now the bozos of the Left want us to do with even less.

I spend the day of Earth Hour in mourning for what could have been civilization had the Left never existed these last hundred years. I spend the day quietly relishing the history of industrialism's great achievements and I give a thank you to the giants of science and industry whose efforts afforded me and you to be born and to live well. Believe me, without that you and I would not even be alive.

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Commissarka Pinkie, I am forever in precisely equal debt to you for the reminder that Earth Hour is, indeed, tonight starting at 8:30 PM, RPT (Respective Peoples' Time).

That is, of course, assuming that our own Commissar of Time doesn't mess around with things temporal before, during, or after the glorious Hour!

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Most Glorious Bump Ever!

Receive the SIGNAL!

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Well, crud. I plumb forgot all about this!

It isn't enough for those greedy, bloodsucking Republicans to take away my free contraceptives and free gas and free mortgage and free Obama money! Now they have to take away my memory, too!

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Oh, my. Want to dare the whole world to save the planet? Then take part in Earth Hour's “I Will If You Will” program by accepting any one of these thrilling, death-defying challenges:

We'll climb this building—no, this WHOLE building—if 5,000 people take public transportation.

I'll do an underwater rap if 5,000 people will adopt a piece of coral reef somewhere under the sea.

I'll plant a few hundred trees and give a free concert if 5,000 people will download my totally awesome music!

I'll wear whatever my daughter tells me to if 5,000 people will recycle.

I'll get a tattoo and drop my drawers if 5,000 people will write letters to their legislative representatives demanding they do something to take action on addressing the issue of climate change NOW—before it's too late!

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Dear Congressperson Waters--

Please, please, please vote no on any new climate legislation that apears in Congress. Pinkie is threatening to drop her bloomers if you do anything to take action addressing the issue of climate change. While the climate is an important issue, the mere thought of Pinkie's tatooed touchas shining like a beacon from the top of the building she has vowed to scale sets me shuddering in my jar.

Fear? ...Or anticipation?

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This year for earth hour day I'm reading The Most Powerful Idea in the World (A story of steam, industry, and invention) by William Rosen.

From the inner cover blurb:

If all measures of human advancement in the last hundred centuries were plotted on a graph, they would show an almost perfectly flat line -- until the eighteenth century, when the Industrial Revolution would cause the line to shoot straight up, beginning an almost uninterrupted march of progress.

In The Most Powerful Idea in the World, William Rosen tells the story of the men responsible for the Industrial Revolution and the machine that drove it - the steam engine. In the process he tackles the question that has obsessed historians ever since: What made eighteenth-century Britain such fertile soil for inventors? Rosen's answer focuses on a simple notion that had become enshrined in Britain's law the century before: that people had the right to own and profit from their ideas.

It turns out that the most powerful idea in the world that powers mankind like nothing else was the new idea of property rights that came from the new ideas of individual rights of the Enlightenment. Without the most powerful idea in the world, none of the powerful inventions would be created.

A great truly inspiring read for Earth Hour day.

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Don't forget to turn off all lights between 8:30 and 9:30 pm tonight, so anyone who happens to be marauding around your neighborhood after dark on a Saturday night will know how much you care about the planet!

Anyone who doesn't (whether it's turning off lights or marauding the neighborhood after dark) must be a Trump supporter and I will personally unfriend you on Facebook!

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It appears, comrades that Muslims are contributing to Global Warming by forcing Swedish towns to burn lights during Earth Hour.

Now the Swedes must decide what they want more - saving the planet or multiculturalism.

Sweden: Town cancels Earth Hour over fear of Muslim migrant sex attacks

A TOWN hit by a spate of sex attacks blamed on newly-arriving migrants has cancelled a festival that will take place under the cover of darkness over safety fears for women.

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Glorious news comrades!

As a reward for their zeal, the Swedes have received the highest decoration by the European Praesidium:


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I was scrolling thru my Facebook feed. I can remember when people used to post pictures of their lunch or their cats. Now it's all pictures of them getting the COVID vaccine.

Scroll, scroll, scroll past all the pics of hairy/flabby/tattooed arms getting dabbed, jabbed, and stabbed with “Fauci Ouchies” and I almost missed a post about the annual Earth Hour.

Fourteen years on, they're still doing this, even though they flat-out admit that it hasn't done a damned thing to make the climate crisis go away:

In 2007, we encouraged people around the world to switch off their lights to call attention to climate change. More than a decade later, the climate crisis remains, made worse by another urgent threat: the rapid loss of biodiversity and nature.

Fourteen years ago, we had less than 10 years to Save the Planet™ .

Fourteen years later, we still have less than 10 years to Save the Planet™.

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Pinkie, following tradition is waaay more important than anything else.

Tradition. That's what matters.


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No, not right. Incorrect.

The Party does not believe in "tradition." That's a right-wing construct designed to keep our many cherished identity groups oppressed. In other words, it's racist and sexist, etc.

The term you want to use is either "our institutions" or "norms."

You never heard or read of Trump upsetting or upending "traditions." Only "our institutions" or "norms."

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'pelipsky gets so harebrained in mythical mind just contemplating all the traditions of institutional norms, Pinkie.