Bloombergs Reason For Supporting Mosque?

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What does the Right Honorable Mayor know that we do not?

Confronted over Mosque at Ground Zero, Mayor Explodes

Our jihadist friends need our support.

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humm, my first reaction is that comrade Bloomers is correct, we must support our fascist Prog Mooslim compadres. But seeing the dilemma dear Comrade Bloomers is in, gives me certain pauses.
Still, for the Great Good ™ we must go with the Mooslimics! I am most assured, that Bloomey will understand. (,may god allah rest his soul)

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This Shelomo Alfassa is obviously a trouble maker:

He said;
"The mayor needs to realize that no matter how the construction of a mosque at 'Ground Zero' may be perceived by well-meaning Americans, the construction of a mosque on the spot where Al-Qaeda brought jihad to the United States will unquestionably represent victory to the worldwide forces of Radical Islam."

Look, the Mayor was making nice will his constituents:
Mayor Bloomberg a moment before his anger peaked. Photo: Shelomo Alfassa

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We must be kind to brother Doomberg. If you look closely at his eyes, clinical brain death occurred years ago.
The severity of the affectation has increased since he [bought] ascended into public office.

The evidence seems to suggest an affinity to the Dark Lord, Soros!