Are you an Islamaphobe?

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From Pajamas Media:

Do you favor equal rights and treatment of women and men?
Do you oppose stoning of women accused of adultery?
Do you favor mandatory education of girls everywhere?
Do you oppose slavery and child prostitution?
Do you support complete freedom of expression and the press?
Do you support the right of an individual to worship in her chosen religion?
Do you oppose government- and mosque-supported anti-Semitic publications, radio, TV and textbooks?
Do you oppose the wearing of burqas in public places, schools and courts?
Do you oppose segregation of the sexes in public places and houses of worship?
Do you oppose the death penalty for non-Muslims and Muslims who convert to another religion?
Do you oppose “honor” killings?
Do you oppose female genital mutilation?
Do you oppose forced sexual relations?
Do you oppose discrimination against homosexuals?
Do you support the right to criticize religion?
Do you oppose polygamy?
Do you oppose child marriage, forced or otherwise?
Do you oppose the quranic mandate to kill non-Muslims and apostates?
Do you oppose the addition of sharia courts to your country's legal system?
Do you disagree with the quran which asserts the superiority of Islam to all other religions?
If you answered most or all of these affirmatively, you are a vile Islamophobe and deserve to be beheaded as the quran instructs.
If you answered one third or more of them affirmatively, you area borderline Islamophobe and need to receive brainwashing to become a full-fledged dhimmi.
If you answered a quarter or fewer affirmatively, you need a few private lessons in dhimmitude to scrub yourself clean of those remnants of Islamophobia.
If you answered affirmatively to NONE of these, Congratulations!You are a worthy observant (radical–PC addition) Muslim and have a bright future vilifying Jews, torturing women or, inshallah, becoming a suicide bomber.”

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Golly, if I weren't a prog and cared about logical consistency or self-knowledge or any right-wing crap like that, I would find some of this troubling and in conflict with my other beliefs like feminism and sexual freedom and what-not. Lucky for me I am not afflicted with any of that racist crap.

Ooops, gotta run: I'm supposed to be picketing WalMart for fomenting sexism right now and later I'm leading a demonstration protesting the treatment of terror suspects freedom fighters. I hope those fascists at the garage have got my Prius fixed, I hate going to protest rallies at WalMart in my Hummer.

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I love bacon. That's still legal isn't it? And when I walk around the house during the summer in a cute short skirt and a tank top because we have the thermostat set at 81 degrees, I think to myself: "now don't forget to step outside in the 100 degree heat without your burka. Some man might consider the sight a 56 year old woman too titillating."

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Enjoy the bacon while you can, places like Denny's and IHOP will soon have to list the sodium content of the food they serve. And Viola, bacon is cured with salt!

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I feel bad, because there are contradictions here for The Party, I need to be with myself to numb my mind with school work. I shall return people.

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Reiuxcat wrote:Enjoy the bacon while you can, places like Denny's and IHOP will soon have to list the sodium content of the food they serve. And Viola, bacon is cured with salt!

Too bad they can't put such information on a hand out at every political speech. To wit: This speech contains 21 half truths, and 17 all out lies.